'Money' Mike Smith
The Simple, Efficient, Stress-Free Lender So You Can Smile At Night, Guaranteed.(sm)

100% Satisfaction

Call Me. Any Time.

I commit to our Service Level Guarantee. I,

  • must provide a simple loan process,
  • must respond to your pre-approval request within 24 hours,
  • must issue or decline to issue a pre-approval within 72 hours,
  • must be highly responsive throughout the loan process by returning calls, emails or text messages within 90 minutes,
  • must be able to effectively share their knowledge by adequately explaining the loan process, your loan options, or any of your questions,
  • must be helpful by proactively offering advice and information,
  • must follow through on promises on time or providing adequate explanations, and
  • must go the extra mile to solve any problems that may arise.

No, Zero, Zilch, Nada

No Broker Fees. Period.

For all applications submitted electronically, you save us time and money so we don't charge any fees. You must still pay appraisal and credit report fees. You are also responsible for closing costs. In the end you keep more money in your pocket and you get excellent rate and terms.

Match Guarantee

We Better Your Best Pricing.

Provide us with a written pre-approval from another lender and we will make a better offer.

Casa Mia Mortgage
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4504 E. Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120.

Michael Paul Smith, MBA
(NMLS: 864646)

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